Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryce Crawford and JW9 Hockey have partnered to bring elite off ice training to hockey players in the Durham and Clarington Region.

Absolute Strength

Bryce Crawford, Strength And Conditioning Coach

     I am extremely excited for the opportunity to continue to train and develop athletes alongside Jennifer Wakefield. While Jennifer continues to improve the on-ice performance skills of our athletes, I will responsible for making athletes strong, explosive, agile, and fast. They philosophy I use is called “The Conjugate System.” which is a mixture of the Max-Effort Method, the Dynamic Effort Method and the Repetition Effort method blended with conditioning work.

Programming is made up of 80% axillary/accessory exercises meaning your main exercise will only make up 20% of your training volume. This may come as shock to many, but the logic is pretty simple: spend the bulk of your time working on improving your limitations and your performance will improve. While jumping is an integral part of the Conjugate Method for improving explosive strength, we will perform 20-25 jumps twice a week as this work is still important to train Type 2 Muscle Fibers. This is done in the final stage of our warm-up to drive the sympathetic nervous system prior to training.

     The target behind my training method is to increase the physical and mental fitness of my athletes by coaching functional movement patterns and implementing the conjugate system resulting in stronger, faster and more superior athletes overall. I live by the saying “Weak things Break” which means we will build the necessary foundation for an athlete then we add absolute strength, explosiveness, speed and agility.

     Training has always been a passion of mine as I am a former collegiate athlete playing football at Concordia University and trained/sled within the Canadian Bobsled Program. I have been fortunate to be coached by many top coaches in the industry, and have added their expertise into my fully tuned program specifically designed for hockey players. I demand the 100% effort out of my athletes, they will get the same from me. I am continuously on top of all the latest training techniques and continue to train myself, so I know what gets results.

Please fill out the CONTACT FORM below, and we will update you with more information /COVID-19 restrictions. We will not be holding any training until we are permitted to do so. 

Training is available for teams, small groups, or 1on1 training.

If you are interested in an online program, please submit that request. We can get you STRONG with the space and equipment you have access to.

Nutrition programming by Bryce Crawfood is also available!

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