My biggest initiative as a coach is to help players improve thier technical skills so they can easily implement the skills into a game environment. I believe one of my advantages as a skill coach is the fact that I am still playing at the top level, and have had to adapt my own training to the “new speed and skill” of the game. I incorporate my own training into the skill sessions I provide to players.

2019 Game Footage – SDHL – Djurgarden IF #39

Goal vs Brynas

– puck protection, attack/walk the goal line

Assist vs Brynas IF

– hard backcheck through the middle, acceleration through the neutral zone, buying time for D to join the rush, shooting through screen (using the D as the screen) & handcuffing the goalie with a high shoulder shot

Hand eye coordination + zone entry deception

– speed through the neutral zone, craddling the puck in the air to drop at feet, inside edge stop to create bad gap for the D, acceleration to stop, back peddle, to draw in defenders and create an opening in the middle slot for D joining the rush